Online Design and Development

Think Inc are experts at identifying, understanding & delivering your online requirements.

With over 20 years of experience in producing usable & accessible web solutions for a vast array of clients, we have the necessary expertise and skills to advise, guide and create your perfect online solution.

Depending on your requirements our responsively designed and developed websites can include:

• Bespoke design creation
• Themes for various CMS solutions including WordPress
• E-commerce Platforms
• Online / offline Competitions
• Games
• CMS systems

We have built comprehensive systems covering a wide range of website applications, including:

• Employee management system for Hilton Hotels
• Fully integrated online platform for Investment News including full integration with Microsoft Dynamic via API calls,
• Mailing Software Integration & Campaigns
• Subscription Payments Services

Think Inc develop with clean open source code – reducing the code footprint resulting in reduced storage space, less e-waste and less bandwidth requirements. Our projects are hand coded to include no unnecessary redundant or messy code or pre-made bulk themes.

A Sample of Our Solutions

Tesco micro sales site for Tesco’s Christmas toy store which sold over 3 million pounds worth of goods in the first month.

Bespoke online competitions where we developed our bespoke competition management system which includes advanced anti cheat measures, ensuring reduced risk that competitions do not get abused or wasted.

Online games and competitions covering things from darts games, personality finders, 3D multi level online competition, requiring users to navigate through levels with varying complexity and interactivity. These included a VR 3D memory Game, general knowledge speed/skill game and a 3D escape room. Clients include, Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company, Disney (Aladdin), ASDA, Plenty, Universal Pictures (Trolls), Kingfisher Group PLC, Aston Manor and many others.

We work with a number of councils and provided digital services to Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust before they had to move things to an in-house, which we assisted with.

Corporation groups – constructing websites with a fully specified Sales Force integration and complex location finders that assist sales teams prioritise hot leads and know when contacts start to go cold so they can act to increase sales and keep customers engaged.

University solutions – connected with internal systems for booking courts, pitches etc. as well as managing memberships.

For one of the largest European door manufacturing firms – integrated a map system for their area sales managers to manage cold and hot leads with notes and tracking, we also integrated a door creation system for designing, building and ordering your own custom front door.

Bespoke mortgage advisor proposal creation system for a Dubai based mortgage advisor company.

Currently we have developed and managed e-commerce systems for many companies including British Wool, Carlsberg Marstons and many more.

Ongoing partnership with an industry leading Machine Learning company that can assist with any AI/ML requirements.

Other important solutions we deliver include: specialist API integration for interactive advertisements to various travel companies eg., Secure solutions for the worlds leading polymer bank note company.


Brand Creation and Development

Think Incorporated is a full service agency in that we can provide both web and print based design, including a full corporate branding service.
We have considerable experience in both creating and developing brand identities and also working with existing brands. We have worked with a wide spectrum of companies, national and local, large and small.
In an increasingly competitive environment, companies and brand consultants need to develop a brand that is absolutely unique in the marketplace and delivers importance above competing brands by being instantly recognisable and communicating the right message.
 New brands need to have the right combination of elements – fonts, graphics, colours and textures to portray the correct message to potential customers.
 We tackle Corporate branding with a variety of integrated skills: Research, strategy, naming, creative direction & development, design and implementation. 

Examples >

3D Animation
3D animation is a process of animating images, in 3D using motion and it is a great way to engage your audience in a widely accessible way. This can be used for entertainment purposes, education, simulation and training.

Interactive 3D would allow you to create a product your clients can interactive with such as graphics & VR experiences.

Digital Illustration & Infographics
Digital illustration and infographics are a creative and engaging way to convey your message using images and text – whether that is a simple digital image or designed to present complex information, data or results clearly and quickly.